Gratefulness Challenge: Day 2

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I’m thankful for…

1) …my family. You know, family is a strange thing.  It is something you cannot live without, because without it, you feel lost. There always has to be that connection, a bond stronger than knowing someone, but sharing genetics and seeing how it impacts you, how it makes you, how it helps you to understand yourself and answers questions of why you are so. My family isn’t perfect, but I constantly go back to my past to understand myself.  I constantly search through memories to piece together questions I have. 

2) …my family. Family is a strong thing. No matter who I become, what life deals me, I know my family will always be my family. No matter the weather, the fights and things we an disagree on, my family will always be my family, and I will always fight to love my family. I fight myself many times, feeling hurt sometimes, but family is family. My parents have showed me through their lives, teaching me about their hardship, their dedication to our family, and for that, I am always always thankful, humbled, reminding me always that they have sacrificed so much, teaching me that love goes beyond words, and that most times, love goes beyond my perception of love as well. And it teaches me to build a strong family of my own.


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