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This post is late because I haven’t had the chance to make a recap of my bday until now.  Earnestly, I just want to thank everyone who took the time to greet me on my birthday. Thank you for the sincere texts, secret messages, IG shoutouts, heartwarming cards, phone calls, and professor Xavier-like telepathic birthday greetings. Thankful for my families, who reach out despite the distance, and even my girls who “cleaned up the house” as a bday gift. Even elle kept saying “happy birthday mamam” every 30 mins. Also, a behemoth box of gratitude to @perze for trying so hard to surprise me with a “quaint” bday dinner with friends. It was a subtle way to give me anxiety over a game of sardines. If you made it through that night, I applaud you. I trust him with my life in a heartbeat, but draw the line with planning a party, but he did a swell job. #twelvesixteen #birthdays #35 #thankyou

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