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This is late.

Robin Williams died.  I know it shocked the whole nation, but it’s one of those things that instinctively brings my siblings together on a nostalgic level, knowing we grew up together unknowingly caught in his brilliance as a comedic actor. You don’t know these things until those people are gone. That’s the sad reality of the living.

I was pretty shaken up, and I don’t normally get emotionally affected by people I don’t personally know. He wasn’t a political shaker like Kennedy or Mandela. But when news spread, articles sprang up like plants already ready to bloom, articles about depression awareness, mental effects on suicide, morality choices, the meaning of life, thoughts about hidden clues of his emotional condition in his movies, and quotes that bring introspection.

Nevertheless, for those he has touched, we were collectively brought to ponder on meaning, fulfillment, hope, life, and death.

But to celebrate his life and how I was reached, they were through these mediums, more or less, characters he brought to life to teach us about life.  Somehow, in the grander scheme of things, I want to believe they were imprints of what has made me a better person.

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