Bruno Mars at Hershey

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As I’ve mentioned, we decided to take little trips this summer to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We planned this particular trip since January since we’re both big fans of BRUNO MARS. Perze surprised me months ago by buying tickets to his concert at Hershey Park, so we trekked back to Hershey PA 2 weeks after our family mini vaca at Hershey Lodge. This time, it was just the 2 of us…oh and maybe a thousand others…and Bru-Bru.

The good thing is that we both like long drives (plus coffee).

After a delicious dinner near the park, and an unfortunate brush with the port-a-potty, we took our seats as we waited for the sun to go down for the concert. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more perfect- with the temperatures in the low 80s, a breeze, lights everywhere, and everyone dancing on the open floor while Bruno Mars sang some dance inducing songs. I was in awe of his talents.  He is definitely not just a brilliant musician and singer, but a great entertainer, with an easy going personality and sense of humor. To be honest, I could’ve wished the concert lasted longer and we stayed for the very end. But since we have 3 little kids at home with our parents, with 2 hours drive, we needed to bounce before the droves exited the park.

But no question, it was a beautiful night, we were lookin’ for something dumb to do…


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