Zienne’s “Stepping Up” Ceremony: PreK Graduation

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Today was a milestone for our beloved Zienne, the much anticipated Stepping Up Ceremony commemorating her PreK achievements. Scholastically, being a PreK graduate may seem trifle, but a school year of learning social behavior, practicing using your voice, building your courage, allowing mistakes (yours and others), experiencing conflicts, progressing in writing, speaking, and reading, refining fine motor skills, exploring your creativity, and getting accustomed to a schedule and rules are all very worthy of a congratulations for 4-5 year olds.


So, Zienne Noelle, our beloved, a joyful congratulations is in order. Maybe it’s just us, maybe it’s how we translate your teacher’s stories about you, their praise of your knowledge and personality, but you’ve proved to be very special, easily adapting to what was put before you. You’re such a pleasure to us, my love. Continue on in your pursuits, Zi, and your dad and I will always uphold you in prayer. Jesus loves you.

Today is your day, and you really held such pride, taking extra care in how you looked for such an occasion. Your smile during today’s events said it all.

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