10 at the Big Apple

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Ten years of marriage crept up on us, and not having had the effort to plan for this year’s anniversary milestone, we didn’t have a public celebration to renew our vows. We decided to postpone parties and dress ups for another year when things aren’t so busy, and instead decided to treat ourselves to “something else.”  We also decided to take small trips this summer. 

The weekend of our anniversary, we decided to go around NY, with no real itinerary.  The timing turned out to be perfect because there were a myriad of street vendors on the streets, with food and merchandise saturating blocks, and a flirty wind blowing on such a beautiful summer day.  The weather and generous activity of public events enticed everyone to get out like an unattended open watermelon to excited ants. And we all fell for the bait. 

After eating a memorable lobster roll and soup lunch at Bryant Park, these two celebratory ants scored two tickets to Jersey Boys being sold half price, so we finally got to watch a much anticipated broadway show of one of my favorite oldies groups.  Ever since I was little, their songs were embedded in me, despite growing up in the 80s.  So while I was watching, hearing the intros to those songs live, with the band just 8 rows in front of me, tears were induced. That’s just the beauty of music- the intertwining of a melody to lyrics, to a memory- even more powerful. 

Afterwards, we went around Central Park, did a little shopping, and then hit dinner- yes, another seafood joint.  By the end of the night, I wasn’t just carrying shopping bags, I was also carrying around a desperate gut which I was trying so hard to keep in my pants- buttoned.  We got home pretty late, but it’s always so fun galavanting in NY with the man you love and with whom you’ve had 3 children.

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