2014 Violin Spring Solo Recitals

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Spring Solo Recitals are always somewhat nerve wracking…ok…for me. Hhahaha. The girls have been working so hard to perfect their solos, practicing every day. This challenge always gives us the opportunity to instill the importance to strive for excellence, but to be gracious despite mistakes; to take control of the song, but to give the performance to God; to concentrate and focus, but have fun and feel the music.

It’s soooo tempting to measure up your kids to the next (violinist). I’m guilty of this, trying to find the correct mechanics to improve their technique, but I have to remind myself that they need to be reminded to reach for their potential, but they also have to learn how to love musicianship and music their own way.  I can’t draw that path for them. I’m just praying God will lead them the way He’s led Perze and me, passionately, curiously.

So, here they are. We’re proud of the both of them. Emma has been playing for 2 years now and Zienne’s first.

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