Zienne Noelle Turns 5

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“I like how it feels being five.”

Zienne admitted that to me this afternoon after coming home from celebrating her birthday with her preK class. Five years ago, Perze and I welcomed Zienne into the world, praying over her and reading Psalms 20. I look back at those verses every birthday and I’m reminded not just of Zienne as an amazing blessing for us, but how good God is. 

You are an amazing little girl, full of spirit, pensive potential, and a ball of such promise. I’m just amazed with you, the crazy and brilliant things you say, your persistence to learn new things no matter how frustrating.  Your drive to mirror your older sister has catapulted you quickly from being a toddler, to a quasi preteen sometimes- attitude, behavior, knowledge, and interests. The thought of you growing older each year always brings me to a doorstep of ambivalence, knowing the sadness of leaving behind your unimaginably cute idiosyncrasies yet excited to see your talents and purpose grow. Nevertheless, as we step into today, we are ever grateful, ever thankful of just being able to see your smile and hear your present laughter, all the things that make you so uniquely you. We love you Zienne. You are a joy to raise, a miracle, and our heart walking outside of ourselves for the world to know. Little by little, you are making your mark. 

This is your fifth year at it, so continue being amazing my love.

Zienne’s annual newsletter:

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