may 3

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Last saturday was my Tatay’s birthday.

He turned 72 this year. I remember the stories my Lola had when she gave birth to him. He was their eldest. Born right in the middle of World War II. They had to move around a lot because they didn’t want to be at the same place where the Japanese soldiers were. I can only imagine what it’s like to have a baby that young being moved around the province so they won’t get caught. There were stories of these Japanese soldiers throwing babies up in the air and catching them with their bayonets. That must have been a very difficult time to live in.

He grew up, went to school, joined the army, taught physics at a local university, got married and had 5 kids, retired a full professor with a Ph.D. to boot. Got ordained as a minister of a non-denominational Christian organization and is currently working as an education consultant. Far and between that one fateful time in our history where you just don’t know if you’ll still be alive the next day. He did all right. Despite all circumstances. He lived, and lived a full life.

During his tenure at that university, he was a brainchild behind a lot of the modernization that the university is reaping it’s benefits for. He was always passed over for a position because he had the wrong credentials. He was a futurist. Too bad the educational system only looks at your merit in paper and not what you can do.

All these did not stop him from giving his all. I am proud to be his son and I miss him.

Happy birthday Tay. It’s been 19 years since I’ve physically celebrated your birthday with you,I honestly don;t want to wait until I can’t anymore.

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