Ababas Hit the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

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After almost ten years of marriage, Perze and I finally made plans to visit DC to see the Cherry Blossom Festival. We packed our bags, our three girls, stopped for some much needed coffee and breakfast, and headed south.  The drive was a bit of a bother since there was mild traffic at some parts, but nothing compared to the cherry tree festival traffic in DC.  Everyone was trying to inch their way forward, almost just being pushed and pressured, even the walkers.  Droves of crowds lined the sidewalks, even to the point of people walking on the edges.  Nevertheless, we pressed on, determined to make our marker within the crazies, being crazy ourselves to find a spot.  We finally found parking near a golfing restaurant, ate a well deserved lunch, and made ready for an anticipated hike to the Jefferson Memorial.

Long story short, I think the trip was worth it: 1) being an education tool for Emma to be able to put images to government terms she’s learned in school, having the experience of taking in the senses and remembering how it felt to be in our Nation’s Capitol; 2) giving our young kids an experience to be together as a family and seeing a national treasure every spring; and 3) starting a new tradition for our family that will grow through the years with experience. 

Of course, the blog’s not complete without some pictures to whet one’s imagination:

Of course, a family selfie to close the blog. 🙂

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