Elle at 18 months: Singing and Talking

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I was looking through houses online with Elle on my lap.  Every time I’d click on a house, she’d comment, “no, not that.”  I was so entertained that I kept clicking more on houses so it gets easier for her through practice. My little songbird has been putting words together in pairs since February, but now it’s becoming more consistent as she experiments with phrases.

Last night, her older sister was pinching her cheeks, so she confidently responded with, “stop it, Zi Zi!”  

Lastly, she loves to sing! Her vocabulary is so hard to keep up with now, but it continues to build because of songs- mainly songs from Barney, and right before bedtime when we’d sing for 30 mins.- songs she loves, repeatedly.  By the end, I’m all sung out, 10 rounds of Row Row Row Your Boat, or Read Your Bible, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Somewhere in Brooklyn, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Wheels on the Bus, etc., but she’s learning how to sing, rhythm, and words.  Bedtime is really big for us because she’s focused and enjoying that time together just singing and talking.

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