Happy Hunger Games

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If you’re a true fan, you know what today is. 

If you don’t know what today is, you are probably making fun of the rest of us, for today is…today is…today is the day I get to see my boyfriend again, Peeta Mellark.  Yes, contain your excitement for today, the second installment of the Hunger Games comes out on DVD. If you’re a fan, you probably just lit up inside from giddiness, so much that you could step on a leprechaun. 

Just wanted to further your excitement and remind you that this time, you get to see your favorite underdogs in wedding garb. 

Love that last picture…I feel like you can hang them up in open air in the countryside with the rest of the clean laundry. Happy Hunger Games, friends and stalkers. May the odds be ever at your favor and multiple arrows in your quiver, and bread in your oven, spiles in your pocket…

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