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We did something new this year and decided to make mix-cds for our friends…

Of course, being the procrastinating dolt that I am, I mailed it 2 days before Valentine’s day, during the week of a major snowstorm, so people got it late, some got it destroyed, and some not even getting it at all 🙁 … 

Questions I got: 

1) Who chose the songs?
Well, I did…Perze actually was going to chose some because we both listened to it before I burned them, but he was busy at work that week and I procrastinated…so we went with what we had.

2) How did you choose the songs?
I really wanted to add more 80s songs, standards, and 90s R&B but I didn’t want it to be too “womp womp” and sappy, sad, and depressing.  So I went this songs that were cute, new, covers, fresh, and still meant something to me. It was really a mix, and it really showed my type of genre- coffeehouse folk.

3) Mine was broken. How can I get a new one?
I have a link up. Message me and let me know if you want it… 😉

The sweet responses ranged from “thanks” to “I thought there was a personal message in the end saying you were pregnant again” to a long sweet email. Even though we weren’t really asking for anything back, it’s nice to know that sometimes, when you throw something out there, you get something sentimental back :).  Encouragement goes a long way.

Nevertheless, here’s the playlist.

Sorry this blog was late. 🙂

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