Congrats Instructor Perze of PAMA

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Last month, we were able to go to PAMA’s grand reopening at their new location. There were demonstrations from all the various martial arts groups as well as side attractions for the participating kids.  The girls got to get their faces painted and request balloon animals, etc. I was just proud to let them see their dad doing something he loves- Kali.  During the demonstration, they got front row seats watching him wield eskrima sticks forcefully at his opponent.  His journey has been one with dedication, despite long hours from work and commute, the pressures of home life, and driving back and forth for ministry. 

But this month, all his hard work has paid off, his passion in believing in the art, for now he is officially an instructor. (insert bruce lee domination move)

Yay! Congrats to our Papa Bear!  Hopefully, one of your cubs will follow suit. 


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