Elle Update: 16 months

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I think it’s now safe to say a few things about Elleonai and give some updates.

It’s now 2014 and this new year brought some big girl convictions to Elle. Now being 16 months, she is officially weaned from nursing (wooot to the wooot for me!!), drinks strictly from her sippy cups (yay, no more bottles or heating milk!), gets ready for bed and stays in bed until she falls asleep without being soothed, and wait for it… yes, folks, she sleeps through the night (insert dougie). This makes me emotional because the last great sleep I had was when I was 24.

She comes to me and says “poo poo” when she needs a diaper change and says “rice” when she wants to eat something. Her communication makes it so much easier for me to know what she needs and her understanding of what I want from her through language really eases and lessens any possibility for tantrum. She’s also the most social baby of all three. She is so friendly to people who take care of her, esp. when I need someone to babysit. Her Kuyas and Ates, Ninongs and Ninangs are usually very accommodating to watch her because she’s pretty easy to handle. Even when I go to the gym, they know her by name.

One time, I left her in the gym childcare and when I came back, this young adult was carrying her, saying her friend called her to tell her Elle was there; so she came by on her off day, just to visit Elle. Before we left, Elle went back to her and gave her a hug. She’s such a little blessing.

Her use of affection is also blossoming. There are times when we’re getting ready for bed and she’ll just give me a neck hug and give me kisses, without me asking for them. And at some moments, she’ll say “I love you.” Man, I really love this age where her communication is showing her just how powerful and fun it can be.

She can say over 40 words now but hasn’t started putting them together to make phrases. She even delineates titles for Emma and Zi, calling Emma Ate and Zienne Ate Zi Zi. She knows how to say Dai Dai and Mui Mui’s names as well. Lolo is Dodo, Lola- Doda. These days, I’m trying to teach her how to say Elle, even though it’s hard for toddlers to make the “L” sound. But if you ask her “where is Elleonai Summer?” or “Where is Elle?”, she’ll raise her hand. She even will point out people in a picture if you ask who is who. That’s always one of our favorite daily activities.

She is an amazingly musical baby, just like her sisters. She loves to sing! When she knows a word in a song, she’ll sing along. She also has favorite songs. She knows when it comes on and will sway back and forth or dance around. Her favorite show is Barney because of the strong use of music in the show. Also, when she accompanies me to her sisters’ violin lessons, she will sing with the teacher when singing the finger numbers for Twinkle Twinkle. She’ll try to conduct and sing along, “Two Two Two, three three three.”

As far as motor skills, she now can jump both feet off the ground. And she can go down the stairs by herself even though I’m still pretty paranoid she’ll have an accident, so I’m always still monitoring her. But a lot of times, I will encourage her to go down the stairs by herself with supervision.

Ok, this update should suffice for now.

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