Thank You, Lola.

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I’m gonna go ahead and maximize on the use of substitution to get across a very funny conversation I had with Zi without being too obscene. I’m gonna need my readers to have a really good imagination as to what “Oh Lord, Really? Why?!” is…so go ahead and take some time to ponder what that is for a bit.

Zi: Mama, do you still have a “Oh Lord, Really? why?!” ?
Me: ummm…what the, why??
Zi: Because Lola said that when you get older, you lose your “Oh Lord, Really? Why?!” .
Me: What in the world?!
Zi: Does Lola still have her “Oh Lord, Really? Why?!” ??
Me: According to Lola, no.


Thanks for coming, folks! Until next time.

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