Elleonai at 15 months

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Elle, you’re 15 months now. 

Your comprehension is so impressive, understanding commands and actually following through certain requests such as getting your diaper, throwing out something in the trash, not going up the stairs, singing, getting your shoes, giving something to someone, going to your room, even walking instead of running, and when someone asks you to bless, you’ll bless. Every night, when your dad comes home, you follow your sisters and know to bless your dad. You kiss when we ask for kisses. 

You also communicate when you don’t want to eat or drink anymore; you say, “i’m done.” You make it so much easier, and ALL the time, you talk to us with your own language, with sentences that you think we understand. You use your fingers a lot to point to what you want or where you want to go, or to point to something when you say its.; name.

You know about 30 words.

ate, tatay, de-de, mama, lola, thank you, hi, hello, bye, i’m sorry, ball, dirty, kitty, doggie, bird, throw, up, down, Barney, DaiDai, rice, I’m Done, Ready, one-two-three, again, birthday, cookie, book, shoes, eye, fish …

You also try to sing along songs, esp. with Barney. You also start singing a rhythm when someone asks you what the fox says. AND, you love singing one part of the song that your Ate Emma plays on the violin. You have great memory when it comes to music.

Lastly, if someone asks, “Where is Elleonai Summer?”, you raise your hand.

You’re so intelligent my little love.

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