For the violin noob parents

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We finally gave in and rented a violin for Emma. Yes. Rented. 

Turns out, even if your child is starting violin, if you’re going full investment, you can’t buy her starter violin from Guitar Center or online. Any violin online. Emma’s teacher, since day one has been tolerating the horrendous sound of her $100 violin. And so after a year, we went to a reputable seller around the area and rented a $700 violin. The amount we pay for goes toward the credit of owning it one day so that we’ll be able to keep it or upgrade to the next size.

Emma started with a 1/8 violin, so you know that if you’re going to enroll your child in that instrument, prepare to shell out $$$ for the duration of her music education.  This year, she’s now playing a 1/4 size violin….and so forth. That’s one child alone. Imagine if you have two daughters who need a great violin and lessons! (After imagining that, try imagining three daughters learning violin.)

Thank the Lord, I’ll be the one teaching them the piano.

So for the parents who are considering the violin for their child:

1) invest in a GOOD violin off the bat, esp. if you have multiple children who the instrument will be passed down to.
2) never buy online

The benefit is the knowledge of hearing quality tone of the notes when played, and gaining the technique on how to emit the desired volume. It’s like buying a keyboard that isn’t touch sensitive or isn’t sensitive enough.  How would your budding Mozart know how much pressure to put on a note to make it piano/forte?

Lesson learned.

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