Parent/Teacher Conferences for Em & Zi

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Tonight was their parent/teacher conferences. Their teachers had so much good things to say about them. The 1st was how fashionable they are. Emma’s teacher said our whole family looked so well dressed, and how Emma always had cute outfits.  To be honest, I was a little embarrassed. I don’t know why. I don’t like to show it off; I just really like putting clothes together.

And 2nd, they are pleasant to teach, being hard workers.

Although Emma has some reading issues she needs to improve on because of how she comprehends due to her personality and thinking, her teacher sees how hard she works at everything. She excels in everything else.  I notice that the places she needs improvement are the same things I had a hard time learning when I was her age. Looking back, I’m glad Emma is in a better place with her learning and studies than how I understood things. She’s aparently stronger in math, in writing, and esp. science. 

Then it was Zi’s turn. Zi’s teacher asked us if this was her 1st year In school because of how well rounded and smart she is. She mentioned how Zienne engages in conversations, in class particiaption, in music.  She said she was so impressed with Zienne because she can go have fun one minute, then come the the learning table and become serious, quiet, and engaging. She said,”I’m not supposed to have favorites, but I’m really blessed to be teaching Zienne. You guys are doing a great job.”  Then I had to admit that today, Zienne told me that she knew she was her teacher’s favorite although she didn’t really have proof.  Her teacher was so surprised because she never shows favoritism, but that Zienne probably internally just knew. Then we just ended with a funny story of how they found “Archimedes” the owl in Zi’s bookbag, and how entertaining the name was. 

Thank you Lord for being with my girls in school, for chiseling them, even scholastically. 

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