Elle using her words at 12 months

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It’s making it easier now that Elle turned 1, which means she communicates more to us.  Lately, she’s been motioning to me when she needs a diaper change, esp. when it’s a nasty number 2!  She also knows the word “de-de” which she uses when she want to nurse. When she sees someone, opens a door, or wants to greet someone, she says “hi.”  When she wants to go outside, she’ll wave her hand.

Her understand of language is also pretty impressive.  If I ask her where something is, she’ll point to it.  Tonight, I asked her where her milk was and she walked over to where she last put it, picked it up, and gave it to me.  The words she responds to accurately is “where” and “give”.  She also has minimized trying to go up the stairs when I tell her “no”.  She starts crawling down the step.  Also, when I tell her to go somewhere, like “go to your Ate”, she’ll climb down the bed by herself and go to Ate’s room. She also responds to “eat”, “hide”, “bless”.

One cute thing is how she will say “thank you” when you give her something. She picked up on conventional manners.

Also, two days ago, she picked up one of the pictures off the floor when I was scrapbooking.  She came up to me to show me, then said, “doda”- the word she says for “lola”.  Surely enough, it was a picture of her Lola Ruth holding her.

So far, she can say about 15 words and understands even more.

Bravo, little songbird.

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