Goodnight, Sweetheart. Good morning.

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Let me backtrack.

Even when Emma was a baby, I’d sing her a plethora of lullabies.  I had the same practice when Zienne was born.  “Goodnight Sweetheart” was one of their favorites.  I’m not sure why, but they’d request it over and over again.

Fast forward many years later and the whole family is in the car driving home.  The station is set to public radio that started playing oldies.  Then this song came on and I hear a request from the back asking me to turn the radio up.  To my surprise, they all thought that I had made up the song, even Perze thought so.

Then this morning came. As I was getting Zi ready for school, she started singing the song.  She asked me to help her with the lyrics so I picked her up and we danced as I sung the chorus repeatedly.  Being four now, she was getting heavy, so I put her on my bed and we youtubed the song to play on replay.  So she listened to it- again and again.

Goodnight, sweetheart in our very simple good morning.

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