First Day of School. Zi’s 1st Day of PreK

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Emma and Zienne’s first day of school was so successful. No tears. No fuss. No fatigue.


This was Zienne’s first day of PreK!  She was already excited for it since Emma has been building it up for her, telling her how lucky she was that all they do is play, sans homework!  So Zienne was ready to put on her big girl zebra leggings and pop off on PreK, that’s just fancy talk for she was good to go.  They both prepared their new owl school bookbags, presents from their Tita Steph, and walked to the bus stop with the whole family.



Zienne was so proud when she boarded her bus all by herself.  Since the driver was still waiting for one more passenger, he allowed us to take pictures of Zi inside the bus.  The night before, the girls were teasing me about crying about Zienne leaving me for school, but that morning, with Perze by my side, I didn’t cry.  Maybe it was because I saw how big her smile was, emitting this excitement that surrounded her, conveying to me that she’d be ok and she wouldn’t need me to run to her aid.  Perze and I were so proud of her.



Thank you Lord for what you do through our daughters. Continue, oh Lord, to protect our children. Guide them and instruct them with your Spirit and may they give you glory.

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