Fabila Maine Wedding

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Congrats to Mr. And Mrs. Freddie Fabila.
They were married on a mountain in Acadia National Park, Maine.

This is our first ever time witnessing a wedding on a mountain, and it was one of the most memorable ones I’ve been to, breathtaking views, and intimate, despite it taking place during a windy morning in a public tourist spot.  I’m so happy for my brother, and now, my sister in law.  They have been waiting for this moment, and now begins a new journey.  

 (Photo Cred. MKristie F. Cornett)

Their pictures turned out amazing, even without professional photographers. They looked so happy, with Ate LJ looking so beautiful and my kuya looking especially dapper. 

The best part, like my little sister getting married in California, transplanting our whole family in Cali for a week, we were all able to rent an entire (haunted) house in Maine, touring every day and enjoying all the lobster benefits.

A toast to the newly married couple! God bless you always on your new journey.

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