Thank You for Coming to Elle’s 1st Birthday Party

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In behalf of our family, we just sincerely want to thank everyone who came to Elle’s 1st birthday party! Thank you to those who helped us prepare. It was a sincere show of support and love, even though I know she’s still too young to understand it.

There were a couple of unmarked presents, so we’ll post pictures we hope people will claim so we can properly thank you!!

Also, pictures of the posted #ElleTurns1 that showed up realtime on the laptop that day, pictures from the photo booth, and pictures we took from our camera will all be shared this week. If you took pictures and post them #ElleTurns1, they automatically go to our Flickr album that will be viewable this week.

We hope you had a fun time enjoying the last hoorahs of the summer weather! Again, we’re blessed to call you family and friends.

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