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Today, we want to wish our beloved little Elleonai a happy 1st birthday! We’re extremely excited for this new year of her life and want to share snippets of who she was since birth. We can only get tiny glimpses of who she will become, and we’re just thankful that God continues to bless her, ultimately blessing us through her life.

Anak, this day came too fast. None of us were ready, even your sisters,esp. Ate Emma who cried the night before you turned one. But you kept growing, slipping through our fingers and showing us you can handle becoming a big girl, assuring us with your smiles. Anak, thank you for those smiles. Since your first week, you’ve given us such pleasure by smiling at us. We love being your parents. We love seeing your progress and personality bud. As you grow, know how much we love you, anak, our beautiful Elle. We promise to always lift you up in prayer, surround you in laughter, teach you the best of what can be, and hold you when you fall. Psalm 121:1-8, my love.


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