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Zem, years 1-7

Dear Emma,

It’s getting to a point where it seems difficult to remember how much you have grown ever since you were entrusted to us by God. I had to dig into our archives to even see how much you have grown, changed and matured through the years. Last year alone, you made your way into the 2nd grade, started learning violin and became an older sister the second time around.

You have been a very good “ate” to your sisters and I’ve really seen you understand those responsibilities of what it’s like to be the eldest in the family. You are starting to develop your love for reading and writing and I hope that doesn’t stop. This year, we’ve seen your heart for those who are less fortunate than you and I really appreciate you for that.

Em, I want you to remember that as long as you find refuge in Him, He will bless you all the days of your life. I love you anak. Thank you for being my daughter.

Your Tatay.

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