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Tonight during bedtime, I pop quizzed my girls on all the memory verses they’ve learned so far and the Biblical characters from the stories I’ve been telling them each week. 

They got the stories right, but as far as names go, I’ve gotten Samson & Delia, Davin & Golilah, Abraham Lincoln & Ninang Sarah.

Also, I asked both of them if they wanted to be baptized, and Emma quickly said she really wanted to be baptized after I told her what it meant.  She said she remembered last year, during the retreat, seeing people baptized by Pastor Ding.  Then they both went on saying why they wanted to be baptized.  I reminded them that I don’t want them to do it for me, to please me so I would be proud of them, because I already am proud of who they are. But they are so eager to follow Christ through baptism, so I told them they’ll have to discuss it with Pastor Ding.

I’m such a sap every year when I see people get baptized during the retreats…sometimes even crying when I see the youth get baptized, how much more my own children? I would have to keep such composure outwardly despite being a mess inside. 

How I love You Lord for speaking to my children. Thank you for answering my prayers for letting them see Your love for them. I always pray they give you glory.

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