Father’s Day

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Today was Father’s Day. 

I want to say Happy Father’s Day to Perze, who is an amazing dad. You strive and work so hard to give your daughters so much, not materialistically, but by the way of enriching their minds, their worldview, and lives complete with love. You continue to give them words of encouragement and not just correction, letting them know how much you believe in them, everyday helping them to see their potential. You sacrificed years of long commutes, dangerous drives, long nights, and tired mornings carrying them when they were babies then waking up extra early to make it on time for work. And you’d willingly give up your weekends for ministry, also driving an hour weekly to take your family to church. We’re so blessed by you. We love you, Perze.

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, Toribio Gelito Fabila. He didn’t want to take a picture because he wasn’t ready. If you know my dad, he’s usually very smartly dressed, creased in all the pleats…but for me, this picture very much conveys my dad- loving. I look at my siblings, how much I love them and close we are, and it makes me really appreciate my father so much more- having been my mom’s life partner committing to the lifelong task to keep our family together in love through all the changes. Thank you, Pa for following through and keeping us together, so that even though we have our own families, there is always love. Know we always pray for you, Pa.

Tay, Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for the example you have given to your family- your children, now spilling over and blessing my family as they also reap from those blessings. Love you, Tay. God bless you always.

Also, happy father’s day kuya sam. thank you always, sincerely for loving and taking care of my sister and for being such a great dad to hongs, sephin, and muimui.

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