Happy Birthday Perze!!

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Happy 38th birthday to my beloved, Perze!

In behalf of our girls, I want to thank you for being such a great, involved, loving, doting, encouraging dad- one who believes and nurtures your daughters to be the best they can be, to achieve what they put their minds to, and to introduce things they have yet to understand and learn! Most of all, thank you for always bringing our family to the feet of Jesus through prayer, with integrity and constant example to guide our family to live by faith.

Yesterday, you told me that you’ve loved me and shared 10 birthdays with me. And in all those years, I’ve seen how you’ve clung to God’s goodness, striving to live by His will, and each year, I’ve seen Him add His blessings upon you.  Not that everything has been easy and everything given, but you’ve chosen to always trust Him in every season of our lives.  I’m so proud of you, mahal. Please know how much we appreciate all the things you do, all the sacrifices you consciously undertake, just for our benefit, for our comfort, for our happiness. You may think it doesn’t show, but it does.  We see all you give.

To many more years! May God continue to richly bless you as He has faithfully done in your life, in our life together.  Happy birthday, Perze.  We love you, mahal. “I carry your heart in my heart.”

your Marchesa, Emmanuelle, Zienne, Elleonai 

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