Easter: Arise My Love

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Praise God for the cantata yesterday. Usually, I stress out towards the end and get super nervous right before it, but I reminded myself the day before that the final practice is not just for refinement, but for fun, for a chance for the choir to enjoy the songs and be comfortable so they’ll enjoy it that Easter Sunday.

(commercial break: don’t they look great?)

So although I can ramble on about mistakes, learned musical lessons, constructive criticism, I won’t. I reviewed the video from that day and despite the VERY early circumstances of that Sonrise Service, I’m super proud of them, super blessed by the hearts of those 28 people who stepped up, braved the demands of musical talent, put their pride on the line, schedules to the side, and even their egos away to endure practices. 

I admit, always, to everyone that I’m not the easiest to please.  I work them, quickly, sometimes mercilessly, but it never got in the way of their passion to serve and put their hearts on stage to glorify God and to minister to those listening to them.  I’m so proud of them and although we weren’t perfect, they also sounded GREAT. I’m also super humbled to lead a group of people who really support and love each other, without the drama, not to mention puts their trust in me to lead them.  They are so united; I love that.  I love the fun we can have as a choir.

The piece we did this Easter, “Arise, My Love” surprised me in so many ways.  When I picked up the selection, I mainly chose it for 1 or 2 songs that caught my attention, but as the months progressed, the songs that initially grabbed me became the songs that meant the least at the end.  And the songs that I was worried would bore everyone became the songs that made me weep, and I know would be songs that would stick and grow old with me long after the my season of choir passes. I love that about God. I love that God could speak slowly and quietly and surprise me. 

I hope the choir would feel the same way in the many years to come.

Overall, as much as I hope the audience was blessed, I really hope the choir was blessed.  I hope their hearts were drawn more to God’s prodding, reminding them about how wonderful, how amazing, how humble it is to be a vessel for His praise, and that all the work was worth it. Praise always to the One who made it even possible for us to sing about hope, about life! Happy Easter, folks! Jesus is alive. It is finished!  We fully testify boldly knowing we serve and are loved by the Risen Savior!

Amen and Amen.

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