Elleonai at 5 Months

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Elle is nearing her 6th month so I should jot down some notes on her first year at 5 months.

This month, a second tooth finally made its appearance and joined your right bottom tooth. This has made you the fuss monster on some occasions, chewing wildly on fingers, stuffed animals, chew toys, fruits illegally given to you, and so forth.  It’s also made you have such an aversion to your bottle, so much so that we fight you to take milk from the bottle. You prefer to nurse but there are times I’m not around, so you’re forced to drink from the alternative.

Since drinking has become somewhat of a challenge, we started you on solids this month, which you take very well.  You can consume good amounts of rice cereal, and although veggies aren’t your favorite yet, you tolerate them.  Also, with the help of veteran moms (and your naughty father), I’ve seen you try to suck on fruits, ice cream cones, and breads.

You’ve also learned how to sit independently, sitting for many minutes at a time until you fall or get into crawl position since you try to lunge at something or by Icarus manner, try to stand.  From tummy time and crawling postition, you can also get into sitting position, but can only get there half way so you look like you’re posing/lounging.  I’m guessing your 6th month will grant you the strength to master both these things, but as you can see through the video, you’ve reached your sitting milestone.

You also are on the verge of learning how to efficiently crawl.  These days, you can get to a great crawling position and lunge forward, sway back and forth, and move your legs, but your arms refuse to coordinate, thus making it an ultimate chore to get around.  Once you realize your arms can simultaneously move with your legs, you’ve got it made, baby girl.  Again, I’m gonna double down on your 6th month.

Also, you’re starting to realize you prefer being with someone in the room.  Whenever I temporarily leave the room, you start to cry.  The pout is adorable and the alligator tears melt my heart.

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