Elleonai at 5 months

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Elle turns five months today. What we’ve been waiting for those torturous sleepless nights of carrying Elle is finally coming appearing on the horizon as she’s nearing her 6th month. She’s definitely on her way to self mobilization.

What she’s done in her 4th months:
1. Her first tooth came out.
2. She learned how to get in crawling position and sway back and forth to try to move forward.
3. She had her first real big laugh, triggered by her Ate Emma.
4. She started drinking from a bigger bottle.
5. She is still half/half breastfed/bottle fed.
6. She reaches out for everything and grabs hold of it, even things above her.
7. She plays in her exersaucer.
8. She’s getting stronger with sitting independently.
9. She can grab things and put it her her mouth to chew on.
10. She’s at the 25th percentile, weighing about 13 lbs.


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