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So I just wanted to give some praises, how I see God working through the new Young Professionals group in SJBCI.

For the past years, we’ve had to borrow choir mics from our daughter church who has been gracious enough to trust us with such expensive gear (salamat!).  This year, a number of Young Pros chipped in to buy 2 $600+ mics for the choir, since the choir ministry sings every month and holds two cantatas every year.  There was definitely a need, and as expensive as these mics were, people gave money to cover the costs! Amen! Not to mention that they gave right after Christmas, when funds were already low.  Happy birthday Jesus!

Now, right now, I know some people (even Christians) are thinking, they spent that money on mics when there are people starving in the world?! Don’t worry judging cynics, some of these individuals, if not all, also give to local missionaries, world catastrophe funds, giant organisational charities yearly, and to family members back home who needed financial help. Put your big boy pants up and match that!

But the choir mics for our music ministry has defitely been a blessing during cantatas.  If you don’t believe me, you can ask those who attend. 🙂

I’m just humbled…and excited for what God has in store for the Young Pro projects.  We are, after all His hands and feet. Do you feel brave enough for the 2013 challenges to reach deeper than what you’re comfortable with? What about giving 10% for tithes? The blessings, after all, are just trusted to us. What if we trust what are not ours to begin with to the One who gave it to us in the first place? Just a thought to really meditate on.

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