Goodbye 2012

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2012 has proven to be one of the unforgettable years. I went under the knife this year for an unexpected emergency gall bladder removal procedure. That must have been one of the scariest moments in my life. I was in too much pain that fear took a backseat since I just wanted that pain to go away. One of my best moments was when I opened my eyes after the surgery, I saw Marchesa who was very pregnant with Elle at that time, Emma and Zi, waiting for me.

Elle also came to us this year. For me, this was the experience topper of them all. We didn’t know who she was and what she was going to look like. After what was a very difficult labor, she was there and memories of Emma came flooding through. The two looked so much alike, it was uncanny.

This has also been a year where we saw God’s faithfulness in our families, our church, through our friendships and even my career. I look forward to tomorrow where I know there is that promise of hope.

Happy new year everyone. I hope yours is just as good or perhaps even better as mine.

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