A Girl Named Elle

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I don’t understand why it took me this long to write about you. Just like your older sisters you set your own timetable as to when you are coming out in this world. We had a couple of scares before that and thought you were going to come out early. To be honest with you, I really wanted you to have the same birthday as your Mom. That would have been great but you picked your own date, and that date so happens to coincide with my Alma Mater’s foundation day.

Yes Elle, of all the days you had to pick, you chose September 1st. Something that will always remind me of where I’m from. Among your two older siblings, you were the biggest. It was very scary seeing your mom go through all that pain. Then you came out and you reminded me a lot of your Ate Emma. It was like looking at the past without my hair loss and hives (a different story, ask me about it will you?).

Your mom can barely hold you because of exhaustion. After the doctor took you from your mom, I finally mustered enough courage to cut your umbilical cord when Dr. Gamburg offered me the honors like he did the last time when your sister Zienne was born. Something that I couldn’t seem to do when your Ate Zi came out. They had to take you away for a while because they were worried about your periodic coughing. It was nothing. You were okay.

That was your first day. Thank you for coming to us.

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