Elle’s Dedication

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Our darling Elleonai Summer was dedicated on our Twevlesixteen 2012. Having only had a month to plan, we set on just getting the invites sent via online- specifically Facebook so we could rush the notice out to people faster than snail mail.  With Perze gone til the end of November, it only gave us a couple of weeks to really plan, and having three girls now and a newborn, I admit I don’t have the luxury of getting on photoshop for more than 30 minutes.  So I was able to do most things on my iPhone. 

We chose 11 Godmothers and Godfathers this time around, knowing that Elle would be our last child (Godwilling).  We really wished that we could fit in a lot more who are close to us, but there’s got to be a limit, right?  So we chose friends who have always been close to us, who have shown their involvement with our kids, who we respect, who go out of their way to help us in so many forms, and who have built a friendship so encouraging to the both of us.  Most of all, we knew that these individuals would do their best to pray and guide Elleonai on her journey and steer her to what is good and best, people who will help her go back when she has strayed, and people who will remind her she is loved.

Again, Pastor Ding was the one to dedicate her, praying over her as we knelt down.  There is something so powerful when the congregation, in one accord will pray over a child. I found it very humbling this time around.  As I knelt with my family, so much pride swelled in my heart, saying “wow, this is my family and I am in love with them.  This is my family.”

{ given out during dedication }

There are people I need to thank that really helped me today. One is my sister Steph, who really helped me out when I didn’t have time to come up with cute graphics for all the decor downstairs.  She also helped me cook.  My mom helped me prepare and brought all the food when I didn’t have time to on Sunday & who also helped clean up afterwards.  For Ate Minda who baked some beautiful cupcakes. For Sarah who picked up all the balloons and food.  For Gerryboy who picked up the food from the night before. For Ate Grace, Ate Imelda, Kuya Ken, Trish, Ian, Jess who helped me decorate downstairs. 

It’s tough setting up for a party on Sundays because I’m playing the piano upstairs, so I’m just glad I can count on friends who volunteer. 

I’m just thankful also of course for Perze.  He saw my body break down days ago to a fever due to stress and lack of sleep. Without him, I don’t think I would have had the strength to just keep going. Thank God for sustaining me during such a busy week and even busier weekend.

Praise God for Elle’s life. Lord, we continue to lift up to you the blessings you lovingly give us.  We know Lord, she is  a creation breathed by You, woven in love.  May Elleonai’s eyes always look towards You and give You glory.


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