Tickles, Smiles, Rolls, Tele, & Nicknames

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Yesterday, Perze noticed that Elle has developed the “ticklish-ies” … If you bury your face on her tummy, chest, or neck, she’ll smile with glee.  Also, since only a few weeks of life, she’s easily given to smiling. These days, if she’s in a good mood, she’ll smile, given the code words, “HI!, oooooooooooo, and you’re gonna smile.”  She’ll show you her cute dimples on each cheek.

Also, just last week, she rolled over on her own. Amidst her sisters and her cousins all making a cacophony of noises, she rolled over on the playmat, trying to get attention as well.  

Also, she will watch a little tv.  I’ve noticed that her head and gaze will tune in to the tv for only a few minutes, then get bored.  This usually allows me time to make her a bottle of milk if I need to, or go to the bathroom.  


little tidbit of the moment:  

Perze came home from the Phils. and relayed that her Lola Nene calls her ‘Nonai’ … So cute how our daughters have sooooo many nicknames 🙂 … Here’s some to add for the moment.  Wonder which ones will stick:

1) Elle
2) Elleh
3) Ellie
4) Nonai
5) El-El
6) Nai Nai
7) Nightingale
8) and one that Perze calls her that deals with poop- I’ll fill you in when I find out.
9) AND Elleh-Elephant (although Emma doesn’t like this since she gets jealous.  Elephants are sorta her thing, you know) 

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