RIP Tita Son

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This year alone, I have heard the news of people passing away- people who have left an imprint on me who I’ve always known to be admirable, spirit strong, integrity driven individuals who were called back Home.

Last night, Tita Son passed away and she is in my memory as one of those strong individuals. Having grown up in the states brought the difficult challenge to spend time with my aunts, uncles, cousins. But those very few times, I’m glad Tita son reached out to know me and my young family. Once, we all went to Longwood Gardens, and I remember her walking and holding hands with Emma. It made me happy to see her fill in those missing gaps from my childhood, despite how short the visits were. It was always heart warming to hear her duets with mama as their similar laughter meld together.

I cannot help but think that these are giants in my childhood that are now gone. Time is so fleeting, and those who were once pillars of strength have surrendered to death.

My hope lies in my unwavering belief that there is a promise stronger than death, which lies further than the grave. My Tita Son is Home. We are left to grieve, but she is just fine– perfected and sharing in the company with the Almighty, for Jesus has said that He would prepare a place for us in heaven.

So this temporary separation will just be another momentary gap. One day, I know I will have an eternity with her, with those I have lost.

We’ll miss you Tita Son.

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