Mr. & Mrs. Danny Lee: Oct.21

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Congrats to Michelle and Danny on their wedding, yesterday Oct. 21.  

It was indeed a BEAUTIFUL wedding, with the autumn weather cooperating just for such the outdoor occasion.  The backdrop of the autumn leaves provided the couple with ample picturesque moments, as well as for all the other guests who took opportunity of the scenic view.  I’ve never seen Michelle happier, in all the seasons of our friendship; this tops them all so far.  As she walked with her parents down the aisle, I couldn’t keep my tearing eyes on her because it brought back a lot of memories since childhood.  It was a grand remembrance of how once we were all just kids, running and playing…and now adults, with families, weightier things than our backpacks, and with titles more important than just freshman or senior, but now wife and Godwilling- mother.  It made me ambivalently sad and happy knowing how much time had elapsed and how fast it continues on.  

Thanks for all the memories, Etch.  And thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding.  You deserve so much happiness.  As the years go by, I hope we’ll always be in each others’ lives. Ps. You looked beaming.  Perze and I hope you two will help each other, build each other up, and go through life with God’s blessings.

In twelvesixteen matters, we’d like to archive a milestone in Zi’s life, with this being her first wedding as a flower girl.  Her older sister, Emma, has been a flower girl 5x already so it was nice to see Zienne have such a big responsibility all to herself without her big sister.  She took it very seriously and handled the role with such maturity.  We’re so proud of her and her cousin Mui Mui for doing such a great job.



Here’s our family picture.  Yay! We finally have our first family picture with EVERYONE.  Ever since Elle’s birth, we haven’t had the chance to take a family picture.

And here’s our whole family clan, minus LJ.

I’ll have an album up shortly.  Just revisit this page for the update.

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