Elleonai: One Month Old

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Elleonai is one month old today.  

So, she went for her 1st doctor’s visit for her first round of vaccinations and here’s her stats:

Height: 20.25 in.
Weight: 7 lbs. 15 oz.
H/Circ: 14.25 

As all newborns, she’s quite a lot to handle, forced to attend to her schedule, but since her two older sisters have demands of their own, Elle sometimes is forced to come with me on those activities.  Even a trip to the grocery store or Target becomes a great task, taking all 3 girls by myself.  Good thing Em and Zi are so well behaved and I’m not running after them.  

Elle is a pretty calm baby, except for usually 2 times during the day when she’ll be unconsolable.  But if she cries, she’ll tire herself out eventually, not like baby Emma who could endure a crying marathon of 2 hours if she had to.  Elle also has two long stretches of sleep during the day and will sleep all throughout the night, with occassional feedings in between.  But the task is easier for me since I bf, and because she doesn’t fully want to wake up and play in the middle of the night.  Thank you Lord.

Elle will cry though.  She doesn’t have long stretches of time when she’ll just not cry, unless you carry her or distract her.  We’re not using a paci for her, so sometimes, she’ll get fussy.  The butt pat usually does the trick. 

We occassionally swaddle her as well, esp. when she’s sleepy and fussy and won’t comply to being put to sleep.  Her arm movements are still involuntary and sometimes wake her up from slumber.



Aside from all of this, she’s such an enormous pleasure to have in our family.  Perze and I are sooooo excited to see who she will be and how she will change our family dynamics.  We’re really thankful for the prayers of our friends and family, for their help in taking care of her since we still have so many other activities and responsibilities, and for their love and concern for her. If you’re part of this equation, thank you immensely.

We’re so thankful for God’s provision of strength daily for Perze and myself, and for His grace upon her.  

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