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Yesterday, after we took Elle to her follow up exam after taking her home, the doctor informed us that she was jaundiced and that she had to get blood work done that day.  We weren’t really surprised since our previous daughters also had the same thing, so we took her home and fed her more formula than offering her to work on breastfeeding. 

Perze took full control of her feeding and made sure she tried to drink every 2-3 hours, finishing 2 oz. of milk, although Elle was more sleepy than hungry, due to the doctor’s visit, billirubin, and all the formula. (Elle, your dad is so devoted and in love with you.) I also made sure I started pumping milk while Elle was drinking from the bottle, as not to lose demand.

Today, we took her again to get another billirubin count which confirmed that her numbers went down!  Praise God for that. 

In addition, praise God that my milk finally came in which means Elle will get more breastmilk.  I know it may be TMI for a blog, but I know how difficult this issue can be for women who just gave birth and waiting, asking, hoping, struggling.  It’s sometimes a sensitive issue, but to all the moms out there expecting a newborn, don’t lose hope :).

All praises today. Thank you Lord.

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