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We kept expecting her to come on August 2012 but she chose a month all to herself and made her appearance the very first day of September.  Here’s our family’s calendar breakdown:

  • April: Perze’s bday
  • May: Zi’s bday
  • June: Our Anniversary
  • July: Emma’s bday
  • August: Marchesa’s bday
  • September: ELLE’S BDAY!!!

So, yes, we’re taking all of spring and summer.  And although we’ve been waiting what it seemed like forever, now we’re really liking this new date arrangement.  In the few weeks ahead, hopefully, we’ll be able to blog about her birth story, as our tradition with our other kids…knowing they’ll appreciate reading it one day.  We try to take time to archive such special moments in our lives, mainly so they, as well as we, can see where we’ve been.  And happenstance, hopefully some reader will be blessed with some party of our story. 

Well, here’s to another chapter called Elleonai.

Please keep updated…

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