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 37 weeks: Baby is as long as a stalk of Swiss chard

Pregnancy Updates

I’m going to my weekly appointments now, and last week, I was informed that I was already a centimeter dilated. This week, I’m finally FULL TERM, and 1.5 cm dilated.  This means that if I go into labor, the baby will not be a preemie and will not have to undergo further treatment at the NICU. 

I feel ok, although something tells me I might go into labor earlier than my expected due date.  The Braxton Hicks contractions are more and more frequent each day, and recently, some contractions have been very discomforting.

I have everything in order already on my part- the baby bag, the infant seat carrier, her clothes, etc…it’s more Perze who needs to step up his A game like the crib, and furniture, and moving stuff out of our room to make room for her. But he gets home from work a little late sometimes and needs to rest or work out, so I try to give him some allowance.  One day, we’ll have to tackle all the things that need to be done in one day, no excuses.

I’m more the “let’s-do-this” kind of person, so much that if I wasn’t pregnant, I could probably lift all the furniture myself and move everything around.  

This week, I’ve been nesting so much!  Cleaning everything, cleaning out every closet, donating bags, trashing boxes, organizing, and reorganizing, decorating!  I’ve even had to consciously tell myself to slow down.  Once the baby’s born, I doubt this is going to stop; there are so many personal home projects I need to finish.

Surprisingly, I’ve only gained 25 lbs.  I say surprising because there are days I feel like I’m always eating.  Then there are some days I only want fruits, water, and salad.  I don’t know, I still feel big, look big…but at least it’s good news, since I need to lose the weight for an upcoming wedding where I am a bridesmaid.  Talk about timing.  I haven’t been posting pictures on Twelvesixteen, so here’s one for now at 37 weeks:

Taken in the morning, so that explains why my legs haven’t bloated up yet.  At night, they’re swollen and ready to give up.  And you can’t see how chubby my cheeks have gotten…sorry, tummy shot for now!

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