Summer Tweets: Things They Say

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Things Zienne says:

“PLEASE ATE! Build a castle with me?! Please? Please? It might be fun! I’m asking you a question here.”  Aug.1

“mama, I know what TLC means. It means you have to fix it.” July 27

“look mama. I’m gonna be curious, then catch a dust bunny, then it disappeared!” July 24

“mamam! Can you put Netflix on the big tv? My Little Pony. Season 2!!” July 16

Me: Come at me, bro. Zienne: I’m not a bro; I’m an Ate!! June 28

“Daaaaad, do you have to exercise AGAIN?!” June 27

Emma: mamam, can we get candy?
Me: No.
Zi: ya. We have plenty of candy at home.  June 22

Me: “zi can you shut off the tv?” 
Zi: “you can just press escape. Tatay taught me that. See?”  June 18



Things Emma says:

Perze:  I asked the 7 yr old, why do you think tucking you in at night is important? 
her answer: because I can talk to my parents.
July 22

“zienne, are you going to listen to the story or not?! Fine, you’re out of my space club.” July 9

“I love classical music. It really calms you down. Sometimes, that’s what u want 2 listen to.” June 22

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