Chill Out America

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So sick of this stupid Chick-Fil-A controversy from both sides already. CHILL OUT AMERICA. Only a country that prides itself of free speech and diversity would make a huge deal over a restaurant while there are more pressing world issues out there, people who can’t even afford food, people who only drink soda during Christmas because they can’t even afford a bottle, children who have to sell flowers on the streets, and ask Americans for their tattered flip flops. 

Get over yourself if you think you’re doing everyone a favor by not eating their chicken, and get over yourself if you’re going to eat chicken to prove you care. 

Why don’t you do humanity the real favor and buy a chicken to impoverished communities instead. OA_HTML/xxwv2ibeCCtpItmDspRte.jsp?cmp=KNC-10152549&item=1270176&go=item&section=11080&xxwvCampaign=10152549&prod=9CjUwLjL6fq_2o9oCfojUhW6%3AS&prod_pses=ZG3995261AC071CF32E902E08C1F38C6D068536B4EE8FC55A5BA54C5F34B35D773388F85489B52CAD2861E65D4B39E725B7D830A759A0FEB4D


Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine to support and take a stand with what you stand for. What I’m not for is when hatred and judgment from both sides, although I’m guessing it’s inevitable. I’ve heard Christians judge other Christians and non-Christians, and non-Christians judge their friends who are Christians, and it’s really saddening, and personally, upsetting. 

As I type, Facebook is allowing miscommunication happen already with thoughts forming inside those that want to stumble on this comment. My Pastor spoke three weeks ago on love, despite not being to fully understand everything, and despite not being able to agree on everything. And two weeks ago, a question Perze asked one of the speakers in our retreat, is “how does one still take their stand yet be able to act in love?”

And to be honest, seeing everything thrown around, I’m guessing the question still resounds.

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