Week 36

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36 weeks: Baby is the size of a crenshaw melon

Almost there. 🙂  It’s amazing how in a couple of weeks, we’ll be seeing our third child, introducing her to our two beautiful daughters who are so excited to meet her, who pray for her daily.  Our bets are on her resembling baby Emma, just like Zienne. 

Weight Gain
So far, I’ve gained about 24 lbs.  Being in my last month, I’ve gone back to craving fruits more than heavy amounts of food.  I don’t even really know why I’m gaining weight because I eat like a chicken. I do, however, fancy ice cream and soda, lemonades, and shakes- mainly because it’s summer and they just make everything feel so much better, so I drink in large quantities.  Also, like I told Perze, I know how that verse feels like “like a deer that pants for water, so my soul longs for Thee.”  Ya…my body has such a craving for water, so much so that sometimes I’m obsessed by it if I procrastinate with attaining water to drink.  It makes me feel guitly, and even reminded how much God wants us to long for him in that way.

Tell Me Where It Hurts
Little One, with your mom now at 32, my body isn’t as it was when I had your older sister Emma at 25, so my muscles give up a little quicker, my legs a little weaker, and my back sometimes completely giving out unless I will myself to get up at night.  Even before you were conceived, my doctor always praised me for being extremely healthy, but you’ve proven me wrong, with more complications than my previous pregnancies.  Nonetheless, I still will myself to get over pain to cater to Emma and Zienne, taking Emma to lessons, taking them out every week to enjoy summer, cooking and cleaning, participating in their play activities, academic work, piano lessons.  We still travel to SJ every weekend and I still serve in the church every Sunday, although slowing down a little during choir and praise/worship.  It’s harder to sing for too long because using my stomach pushes the baby and creates pressure, and staying on my feet for too long creates massive bloating.  I’m just glad I’m on my last month during summer, when there’s no cantata.  

Other than slowing down, I’m still doing the same things as before.  I think the hardest part is at night when sleeping is always uncomfortable, and turning over is always such a comical feat. 

Her Birth Verse
Ever since we had our first child, we’ve made it a promise to give each of our children a life verse and read it to them the day they’re born, something they can cling to as they grow. We’ve chosen her birth verse months ago when we decided on her name, and how fitting it is, because it actually incorporates the meaning of her name. We’ll disclose it once we make her birth announcement.

Things We’ve Noticed About You
They say babies have a personality already while in the womb and since I’m a firm believer of Psalm 139, I wouldn’t disbelieve the theory, knowing God already knows who you are and who you are to be.  Your dad and I have only tiny glimpses, so we’ll know in about a year or two whether they’re correct.  1) Your sleeping pattern will lean more towards your Ate Emma than your Ate Zi- so more awake that asleep. 2) You’ll be quite active! Even more so than your Ate Zi. 3) You will light up when your sisters come near you, just like you do when you hear their voices. 

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