emma’s heart

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Last night, Emma saw me in a lot of pain because of pregnancy, so she lied down next to me, grabbed my hand, and without hesitance, started praying for my comfort while crying out of concern. I am deeply moved by the hearts of my girls.

Some people say it’s how she was raised, but to be honest, I can only give authorship of her heart from the One who mended her and gave her life.  From the time she was a baby, I already saw glimpses of her empathy towards living things, how big forgiveness is in her, despite emotional hurt.  Even when she was three and I taught her Amazing Grace, she started crying because it was a ‘sad song’.  

At seven, she raises questions about friendship dynamics, forgiving other kids who sometimes bully her or use her.  She doesn’t make fun of other people or how they may look.  And I see her naturally being an Ate to the younger kids in the church, all following her sometimes. 

But with me, no matter how I may get mad at her or even discipline her, she will never pridefully turn away from me.  She is ready to melt into humility for my hugs.  She will promise better days even though I know she’ll continue to make mistakes. She will never withhold an ‘i love you’. And she is always ready for second chances. She humbles me so much, my Emma.

I’m so blessed to be her mom.


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