emmanuelle milestones: end of school & music lessons

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So, Emma is now on to becoming a second grader!  This was her the last day of school for the summer.  

Looking Back
I can’t stop looking at this picture because I still remember the first day I saw that face, the first time I held her, the first time she said ‘mamam’, the first time she sang a song, memorized her first memory verse, and so forth.  Now, she’s heading to 2nd grade, almost a size 1 in girls shoes, can play 2 scales on the piano, learned how to read, tie her shoes, recieved her first kiss from a boy who had a crush on her.  

She started in E reading level this year. She finished in level M. She worked hard every day to make sure she read 20 mins a day, sometimes even longer.  She also started writing more and more, and even learned how to Tweet short funny sentences like “Mamam, zi’s not eating.”  She also got a medal for being a Peacemaker this year again.

She sang in the Christmas and Easter Cantata, sang her 1st special number with Zienne, and even sang her first solo in our church Easter Cantata this year!!  She even danced in her first ballet as a little gypsy in Princeton Ballet School’s Don Quixote in a professional production.  She took instructions, memorized the ballet choreography, and knew her cues.  She was promoted to Intermediate Ballet 2 next fall.  Imagine the personal accomplishments and overcoming certain fears.  

Looking Forward
Now, she’s embarking on new territory, continuing her piano lessons that she’s started late this spring, and entering another milestone of having her 1st violin lesson today.

Violin Lessons
Seeing how well she took to the piano, I think she’ll be fine w/ private lessons.  She enjoyed the lesson, and the instructor is extremely friendly towards beginners, so I’m really excited that Emma will enjoy it and benefit from the lessons.  (Thank you to Ate Hannah who fixed her violin from highschool and gave it to Emma as a Christmas present.  The teacher said it’s a great violin, so we’re exremely thankful for blessing Emma with such a gift!)

This summer holds so many new welcome mats for my girls, (and one important welcome mat for the coming baby), so we’re so grateful.  We’re so excited. We’re such proud parents of what is happening to our girls and how they’re progressing.  By grace and only by grace. 

Thank you Lord.

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