the anniversary dinner: on replay

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Yes! We finally had a date night when we were able to go out by ourselves for our Sixnineteen 8th wedding anniversary.  

Thankfully, my sister babysat the girls, then my parents came over to play with them since my dad came home from the Philippines after a long stay there. My dad said that they invite everyone during anniversaries, but we’re ALWAYS with the girls during every occassion.  And I believe birthdays should be shared, but anniversaries?  Who would want to be around for that, all the hand holding and gooey “remember whens”? 


Perze found a seafood restaurant that took reservations and had a high zagat rating, called Blue Point Grill in Princeton, just twenty mins away.  I’ve always loved that area near the campus, so we decided to try it and without regret, we’ll be dining there frequently for awesome seafood cravings.  I ordered their crab cakes and thought they were the best I’ve tasted, without reservation. They give you 2 huge jumbo lump crab cakes that is ALL crab. Perze had their giant scallops wrapped in bacon and topped with sauce. I almost ate Perze’s dish. 🙂 Of course, I had their dessert with some coffee, and just being outside, eating alfresco, with the ambiance of the campus, other diners, other restaurants around, and people just walking about on a beautiful summer evening, just made the experience more comforting.  

If you’ll be around that area, here’s the link to the restaurant: Blue Point Grill

ps. thanks, Te, for taking our picture before we went out.

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