End of the Year Present for Teachers

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So end of the year for Emma coming up in 30 2 days, including today. Yay!  On to 2nd grade!

I’ve been postponing finding a gift for her teacher this year, so my husband and I went out to Target to try to find a suitable practical gift that she might use and also get a kick out of.

We found these soy candles and bought the Red Velvet and Sweet Spun (cotton candy) ones to make a “you’re a sweet teacher” theme.  So you’ll need 2 medium candles.  You’ll also need:

  • 2 ribbons (lying around, or Dollar Store, Craft Store: $1)
  • 1 reusable tote bag (Dollar Store $1)

Ready? Don’t get lost with all the difficult directions! 😛

Just place your 2 candles on top of each other vertically in the middle of the tote bag, roll up the bag securely, then tie the ribbons TIGHTLY at the ends. And there you have it! A themed, GREEN, personal, practical gift in minutes, without having to use wrapping.  Best thing, $12 tops. And the teacher gets to wind down with the candles, every time, maybe even bringing quick memories of your child during the school year (although, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing).  

Then of course, write out a card and make sure to include operative words like “sweet” to tie it all in.  And by ‘it’, I mean, the goodie goodie goodness.

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